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Apr 24, 2018

Where should we hold the 2019 Conference?


Edited: Jun 12, 2018

What location(s) do you think we should consider for the 2019 SMAC Conference? Post your thoughts here!

I've written it a couple of time before, why don't you rotate the location. Maybe Eastcoast - Vegas - Westcoast in a three-year rhythm would be better. Or do Vegas - East Coast - Europe, if you want to go over the Atlantic. As far as East-Coast-locations, I'm sure that the Northeast with Washington, Philly and NYC has some venues that could host a conference, or Florida could be a good alternative.

Aug 20, 2018

Thanks Lars. I understand and agree that we should rotate the conference to different locations. That's why I setup this to ask where people would like to hold the next one well in advance so we can start the planning. The info came in too late for this year's conference but we'll likely be somewhere else next year. So thank you for the input! 

Oct 17, 2018

Yes, coming to Europe from time to time would be great, since I know lot of EU consultants/managers travel to USA for SMAC (earlier for Engage). Also, some mixing locations in USA is good option (NYC, Orlando, LA, San Francisco, Boston or maybe Houston :-)

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